Stephane hubert

Designer stephane hubert


stephane hubert LAUNCHED January OF 2011


on inspiration

Stephane was working for a high-end woodworker in Red Hook when he began collecting discarded pieces of wood and off-cuts. From these reclaimed wood pieces, he began toying and designing different objects, finding his niche. New York City, nature, stories behind a material generate the true calling of his pieces.

& "IN his OWN WORDS... "

on favorites

The chance to live in this unique city

On Style

I try to stay simple and modern without forgetting the function

on fun quirks

When I was a kid in Martinique we used to fashion play cars out of old tires we used to find lying around. We used to take 2 sticks to steer them and would steal the cooking oil from my mom's kitchen to grease up the tires so they'd go faster. I was always interested in how things work and used to take apart my toys at that age to see how they were put together.