Designer Jesse syswerda




on inspiration

EENVOUD is inspired by people who have developed a personal uniform - by the garments that people choose to live a period of their life or their whole life in. To create those types of garments for people. Using fabrics that impact the earth as possible, paying everyone we work with well, producing locally and not producing in excess are all extremely important. EENVOUD has two missions: to help shift the clothing industry back towards a healthier, more magical place and to inspire women to simplify their lives and therefore live with more presence, ease and joy.


on favorites

My favorite things are things given to me by people that I care deeply for or things acquired in special moments. To name a few - a stuffed animal pig named Nib given to me by my boyfriend, Jed; a drawing called 'The Meeting of The Beasts' that my mother drew while in graphic design school in her 20s; and handmade sake cups that I just bought on an amazing trip to Santa Fe. These things will stay with me my whole life.

On Style

My style is centered around simplicity. I own very little and everything is minimalist, but with some small element of intrigue.

on fun quirks

Cows are my favorite animal and I freak out whenever I see one.