even keel


Designer en tsao


even keel launched january 2014


on inspiration

Even Keel infuses Eastern Roots with Western Herbs to handcraft an all-natural bath and body line specializing in different clays from the earth. With a solid footing in herbology and a tender understanding of what the seasons provide, the makers take frequent foraging trips out into the open to personally bring back ingredients beneficial for our skin. It is because of this reason, batches made are limited, seasonal and unique.

& "IN her OWN WORDS... "

on favorites

Piping hot cup of gunpowder tea & marshmallow root, my third-eye ring by studio mate, raw honey.

On Style

Cotton and linen with muted hues of blue / charcoal gray. A canvas backpack and worn-in sneakers/boots/denim.

on fun quirks

Plants shouldn’t be restrained into the 2 extreme categories of consumption: On shelves / Herbs + Edibles. Many plants we call “Weeds” can actually be foraged and made into beneficial food for our body. Try spotting a red clover / sheep’s sorrel to nibble on next time you take a hike! (with confidence of identification, of course!)