Chan & Krys


Designers Chan & Krys


Chan & krys launched March 2014


on inspiration

The way people incorporate their stories, personalities and perspectives into their clothing is an endless source of inspiration for Chan & Krys. The goal is make clothing that is ethical, effortless and essential, something that provides a base for layering, accessorizing and easily expressing authentic style with creativity and flair.

& "IN their OWN WORDS... "

on favorites

Almond Milk Matcha Latte's (we're obsessed), our matching ginormous mugs that say "Sh*t's about to get real up in this MUG" So corny but we love it, 90's R&B, and just about any good business book or TV show, always trying to push ourselves to the next level.

On Style

Effortless. Sustainable. A little bit 'tomboy' and always comfortable.

on fun quirks

We met randomly at M&J trimming 9 years ago and have been skipping together ever since.