shea brand

Designers austin, marie & krystal


shea brand launched december 2016


on inspiration

Shea is Austin's favorite lip balm, Marie's ideal product for her stretch marks, and Krystal 's go-to hand remedy, but the real reason Shea became a thing is because of Austin's lifelong - often debilitating - struggle with eczema.

Austin started whipping raw shea butter into softer blends a few years ago after he realized that it was by far the best non-steroidal option to help sooth his eczema. The ways in which shea butter usage has played into the lives of people in the past and even shaped cultures in so many important ways inspired us to take a deep dive into both the art of whipping raw, solid shea butter and in coming up with new ways to enhance it and take its usage further by imbuing it with essential oils. Shea Brand has made it a mission to get shea into the hands of the people who need it, along with the millions of others who stand to gain from its benefits.

& "IN their OWN WORDS... "

on favorites

We’ve got this pull-out-bed couch that just won’t go away. It’s an ugly brown color, stained up and down, and only somewhat comfortable, but it’s where we all sat and first talked about launching a brand and comes with a lot of good and bad memories. It also almost crushed our friend Sean — but we love it anyways. Marie has a tri-gold ring that her mother gave her that’s near and dear to her heart. It’s beautiful! She fiddles with it frequently and says she’s empowered by the fact her mom used to fiddle with it too.

On Style

Krystal almost always wears red lipstick, neutral color tops and high-waisted pants, and puts them on in that order. Marie’s style is ever-changing, but is normally soft, in gray tones and — as she calls it — “easy.” The goal being that the outfit both looks and feels comfortable. Austin is still recovering from the completion of a “no shopping for one year” challenge in 2016. When it comes to materials he's a huge fan of hemp blends, and has been dressing predictably more hipster-y over the years.

on fun quirks

We're obsessed with the fact that studies have shown that goats, like us, have accents! :)